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Every plan should define reputation management services, but it should also be unique to your business. What works for one company may not work for a different one, so be sure to keep your mind open, and accept that with a customized plan of attack, your reputation management services will take some time to come to fruition.

Reputation Management Services

SEO R US views reputation management services as

1. Monitoring what people are saying
2. Controlling what people see

Monitoring what people say

Seo R us monitors business image by providing their reputation management services. As Internet is a great way to judge what people thinks of a particular service or product which in return creates reputation. In order to prevent your business portraying bad image or negative feedbacks from people our company does brand reputation management services.

Controlling what people see

If you can control what people will read this will help reputation management services online and also help with damage limitation. Damage limitation is about dealing with negative results on the Internet and reducing the damage it can do to an individual or company reputation.

Reputation management services can be understood with this example, Imagine if a journalist writes negatively about your product and the article he has written does better in the search engine than your own company website. Seo R us helps to take the sting and quite often prevent such negative results staying around the first pages of the search engine and limiting the damage that could have been caused. With the help of reputation management services.

Types of Reputation management services

Seo R Us uses following types reputation management services

Building – This type of reputation management services has to do with building the reputation for a business that is just getting started. It includes building a good reputation to maintaining it for your business.

Maintenance – Reputation management services meant to just keep a company’s good image superior in the public eye is called maintenance. This is meant for companies that are already established and have a good reputation already.

Recovery – If your business has gotten a bad reputation for any reason, then the recovery portion of reputation management services is for you. Seo R Us works to hide the bad reputation with good marketing and self-promotion.

What are the steps to reputation management services?

The first step which SEO R US takes in to consideration is that what the actual negative content is and does it have any truth, is it someones opinion or is it a lie or libelous? If it is then hopefully the website can be force to take it down quite quickly with reputation management services.

Start a strategy to start pushing out positive content about the company or individual performing reputation management services.

Monitor the results and improve with reputation management services.

Final step of reputation management services is to implement measure to stop negative content reaching or staying long on the first page of the search engines.

Depending on the severity of negative content and the key phrases that need protecting will determine how much work and costs are involved. To date we have not lost one client which speaks volumes of our Reputation management services service.

Online Reputation management services

Reputation management services online is a very labor intensive process. Any approach that is subtle and yet effective will take time, at least three months, before any progress is really seen. This includes many different strategies, which include social media such as:

Blogging –
Blogs that are updated every day
Directory listings –
Listing a website in directories using optimized keywords
Direct reviews –
Hiring someone to write good reviews of the company on websites
Online publicity –
Syndicated article writing, links, and banners
Social networking –
Posting pages on MySpace.com and Facebook.

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